The cinema hall of the Akademie der Künste with audience. On the big screen is the film El eco. The scene shows a group of young people sitting on the ground in a prairie.


With its various venues and locations, KBB addresses the central questions of our time. What new forms of knowledge can be developed by means of the arts? And how can we approach art and culture?

KBB – Kulturveranstaltungen des Bundes in Berlin GmbH – takes on the challenge of making art and culture visible time and again, taking present and future demands into account. Together with our artistically independent venues – Berliner Festspiele including the Gropius Bau, Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale) and Haus der Kulturen der Welt – we hold a wide variety of cultural events for large numbers of people throughout the year. We pool knowledge, develop synergies and create access to engage with the arts – whether visual arts, film, music, theatre or dance.

For over 20 years, as hosts, cooperating partners and cultural producers, we have been dedicated to the mission of presenting outstanding projects in Berlin as well as special events in Germany and abroad. A common but distinctive characteristic of KBB venues is that they have no permanent collections or ensembles of their own. Beyond the preservation of cultural assets, our aim is to open the venues, to hold multi-faceted events and to explore new possibilities for coexistence within their programmes.

What could tomorrow’s societies look like? What part does culture play in this? With the aim of promoting intercultural dialogue, debate and participation, we question our own and society’s actions, reflecting on global and local developments. We translate current social discourses into aesthetic practice to design future scenarios for a sustainable cultural sector. In doing so, we initiate thought processes and, together with international actors, create space for courageous and innovative approaches in the presentation and mediation of the arts.

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Mission statement of Kulturveranstaltungen des Bundes in Berlin (KBB) GmbH


Two people are looking at a work by the artist Shiraz Bayjoo. The sculptural work consists of textile flags. The wall in the background is turquoise blue.
Actors on stage during the final applause. The audience applauds standing.