Kulturveranstaltungen des Bundes in Berlin GmbH (KBB)

Environmental Management

Environmental Management in Compliance with EMAS / Umweltmanagement nach EMAS

KBB is a cosmopolitan cultural institution that reflects the social issues of our times through artistic projects and innovative formats.

KBB does not wish to neglect considering its own actions: Protecting the environment and its resources is an important concern for the institution and its employees.

As early as 2013, KBB increased its environmental commitment and obtained an EMAS-certification. EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) is an elaborate system of sustainable environmental management. It was developed by the European Union and obliges KBB to continually improve its own environmental record and submit to annual internal and external reviews.

Since then, KBB has managed to achieve numerous goals and projects with the support of all parties concerned. KBB has identified the following priorities for its own environmental management:

EMAS Certificate of the KBB

KBB’s environmental programme is aligned along these priorities and formulates binding measures. Detailed information can be found in the institution’s environmental declaration (in German).

On 6 December 2019, the Chamber of Industry and Commerce issued its annual confirmation to KBB, stating that the institution is entitled to continue carrying the EMAS-document for ecological management (registration number: DE-107-00140).

KBB’s Environmental Guidelines

The institution sees itself as particularly committed to social and ecological sustainability. In terms of making continual provisions towards these aims, KBB actively addresses the fields of protecting resources and saving energy and responsibly accepts the challenges posed by sustainable economic business management. KBB complies with current environmental regulations and is committed to a continual improvement of environmental performance. Existing and future contract partners are included in these activities. Consideration of the complex aspect of sustainability in the acquisition of products and procurement of services is an important element of this strategy.

The continual involvement of KBB’s employees is a corner stone of the institution’s successful environmental management. The aim is to strengthen every individual’s environmental-friendly actions and to integrate the protection of the environment in everyone’s thoughts and actions as a matter of course. Objectives: an increased awareness of social responsibility, the continued responsible use of all resources as well as a steadily growing social and ecological orientation within KBB.


If you have any questions concerning this subject, please contact KBB’s environment-management officer:
Christoph Hügelmeyer
Technical Director of KBB and Environment-Management Officer
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