Kulturveranstaltungen des Bundes in Berlin GmbH (KBB)

Environmental Management in Compliance with EMAS

Promotion of Increased Use of Environmentally Friendly Modes of Transport

Our environmentally conscious mobility management reduces the transport-related environmental impact of our operations. KBB employees are encouraged to conduct their business trips as climate-neutrally as possible. On this account, KBB only reimburses expenses for public transport trips within the city of Berlin. Within Germany, air travel is to be avoided and trains are expected to be the preferred mode of transport. Employees are able to purchase the BVG’s company ticket.

Examples of Measure Taken

KBB Lastenrad

  • Promotion of the use of e-powered vehicles (loading station CleverShuttle at Gropius Bau)
  • Acquisition of an e-powered freight bicycle as a first step reorganizing the logistics motor pool towards more environmentally friendly solutions
  • Bike stations for rental bicycles at our venues
  • Promotion of bicycle use by our employees – free bicycle checks are available in cooperation with ADFC